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When Hotel Madero was being designed, we wanted it to reflect the style and sophistication of the Puerto Madero neighborhood we call home.

At Hotel Madero one of the main challenges with the design of our hotel in Buenos Aires was to be able to incorporate functional diversity with space unity, to provide for flexible usage of the space and to integrate each area easily.
Hotel Madero Buenos Aires

The Argentine studio Abulafia Figoni Prado was hired to do the interior design of our hotel in Buenos Aires. The project incorporates current and evolving spaces, places where people really want to stay and to feel comfortable in their environs.

The intention was to design a hotel in Buenos Aires with atmosphere, generating a rich interior architecture through a suggestive way of illumination, and combining rich materials and textures so that each of the spaces has its own identity. The acquisition of the contemporary art is also very significant. Paintings and sculptures were incorporated, most of them from local artists