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The Puerto Madero area and Hotel Madero location offers so much to see and many things to do in Buenos Aires in the way of activities for those visiting on leisure.

And even if you are coming here on business, you owe it to yourself to make a little time to experience all that Buenos Aires — which is the capital of, and largest city in, Argentina — has to offer.

Sometimes referred to as the “Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires, Argentina is strongly influenced by European culture.

Buenos Aires features a wide variety of:

  • Theaters
  • Internationally rated opera house
  • Symphony orchestras
  • Museums related to history
  • Fine arts
  • Modern arts
  • Decorate arts
  • Popular arts
  • Sacred art
  • Arts and crafts
  • Popular music
  • Preserved homes of noted art collectors writers, and more.
  • World-famous zoo
  • Botanical garden
  • Large number of landscaped parks and squares
  • Churches and places of worship

Many people associate the Tango with Buenos Aires and they are correct since it originated in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, most notably in the brothels and in the poorer areas. The sexy dance moves were not seen as respectable for most people until Parisian high society adopted them in the 1920s and then the Tango as it is known today spread round the world.  

Buenos Aires is also home to many historic figures — like the legendary Eva Peron — and you can see her gravesite as well as follow the developments in the city at a wide variety of museums.

This is also a great city to explore — to visit the local plazas and historic districts, stop at a café, do some shopping, or hunt for antiques or special souvenirs to remind you of your time here.

Travelers can also engage in some sports including golf, sailing, tennis, and fishing not far from the hotel.

And for those who want to pamper themselves while here, the Madero Spa & Health Club is the perfect place to indulge in a spa treatment and relax at the heated swimming pool.